Our virtual sessions offer unique opportunities to immerse yourself in the authentic culture and style with step-by-step, interactive music classes!  You can find listings for live music tutorials in both group and 1-on-1 virtual environments.  This is real-time interaction where your questions get answered and you get to move forward on a lifelong passion!  

Browse the Abacus Marketplace, purchase a musical experience that speaks to you and your Maker will send you a link to their personal Virtual Makerspace.

Makers are independent inventors, hackers, musicians, artists and tinkerers who create, teach, or have creative means they wish to offer the world. Our makers run the gamut when it comes to hands-on experience; from novice to pro. Most of us don’t learn our cool hobbies from professionals though. We learn from friends, family, neighbors, trial and error and pure passion for the craft. 

Kits and Live Sessions

Want to put together your own Kalimba? How about a Ukulele you can assemble and decorate? On Abacus you can find tutorials and DIY kits that come with tutorials as well!

Live Tutorials/Creative Sessions

With Abacus you can find listings for the live experiences you want to try! There are always real people on the other end of the listing!

Live Video Walkthroughs

Abacus Makers also host live video walkthroughs for complex instrumentation or even performances!

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