Got painting, sketching or cartooning skills?  How about graphic design?  Share your talent with the world and earn as you go!

Post your listings on the Abacus marketplace, share your listings directly to social media and meet with your customers in your own unlimited Abacus Virtual Makerspace which is created for you when you subscribe.

Abacus makers are regular folks with talents and passions that are mostly hidden from the world and our hosts run the spectrum from novice to pro.  Most of us don’t learn our artistry from professionals though. We learn from friends, family, neighbors, trial and error and most importantly, passion. 

As an Abacus Maker you can help someone new (or entire groups) fast forward through the learning curve and benefit from your experience. Through Abacus you can post listings specific to your experience, host live sessions, sell art kits with cooperative sessions and even host live walkthroughs of videos you’ve created and answer questions as you go. A single session can earn hundreds of dollars!

Create an Account & Profile

Accounts and profiles are free to create and you’ll have an admin-style dashboard to adjust settings, availability as well as WHAT and HOW you charge. Learn More

Choose a Package

Packages range from our $49.95 Hobbyist Package to Business levels. Get 3 months free during our startup special running until May 2021! Learn More

Post your Listing(s)

Your listings can be shared directly from Abacus on social media and links can be copied and pasted anywhere your customers, learners and fans may be. Learn More

Get your Virtual Makerspace

Once a package has been purchased your personal Virtual Makerspace link will be sent to you. This is the link you will send to your customers, learners and spectators when they purchase or sign up for specific sessions you’re offering. Learn More

Kits and Live Sessions

Do you sell Art kits on Etsy? On Abacus you can sell your kits and include the cost of live skill sessions...monthly, weekly or daily if you choose!

Live Practice Sessions

With Abacus you can post listings for projects, skills, techniques and practice sessions! Meet in your own Virtual Makerspace (we provide that!) and interact with curious learners and be the distraction that so many people need right now.

Live Video Walkthroughs

With Abacus you can post listings for videos you’ve made (that perhaps never got monetized?) and host live walkthroughs. This allows you to answer questions and get to know your fans & subscribers. BONUS: You can record the session and put it back up on YouTube as a live session and add to your library, increasing your exposure.