Creative Influencers & Inspirations

One thing’s for sure about the creative world: as makers, we don’t do things in a void. Artistic collaborations and creative influencers inform what we do. They push us to try new things.

Firstly, this cross-pollination of ideas creates a richness, and inspires us to learn new skills, better hone our craft. And, secondly, we just like to try weird new stuff.

And so, here are some creative influencers that we look to as fine examples of the innovative spirit of maker culture. 

Creative Influencer: Anne Of All Trades

Anne is a fantastically-talented maker and entrepreneur working mostly with wood and metal.  She’s from the PNW but moved to Nashville where she makes her own tools, builds her own stuff, and cultivates crops and livestock on her farm. In other words: she’s completely DIY. Cool!

Creative Influencer: King of Random

The late great Grant Thompson started off with really cool, if not slightly dangerous, DIY projects (see: the DIY Gas Blaster).

Since his early days, his content has developed more into science experiments. The new folks who carry on his work do some amazing, eye-catching projects as well. Like this flying-ceiling fan-backpack:

Creative influencer: The Hacksmith

The Hacksmith is mostly pure fun and inspiration since his projects are science-related to comics and pop sci-fi, like MCU and Star Wars (his Thor’s hammer video comes to mind). 

However, we’ve spent hours geeking out on this guy’s videos, so he’s doing something right. Check it out!

Creative Inspiration: Pirate Monkey Art 

We really like Pirate Monkey’s quirky, macabre sense of style. This Vegas-based maker has his hands in everything from molding and casting to laser cutting and leatherwork. 

Moreover, you can buy his handiwork on his Etsy shop.

Creative Inspiration: Amy’s Nature

Amy lives in West Virginia and has journeyed through several art forms: from sketching/painting to digital art on Adobe Illustrator.  Amy also pretty much does everything; 3d printing, woodworking, photography, art, leatherwork…etc. 

Also, she sells her nature-based art prints online!

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