Current Trends in Creativity

By Richard Porter

Creative trends come and go, sometimes unnoticed by the general public who don’t know what goes into the artistic content that they absorb.  

It’s good for creative people to keep a pulse on current trends; even if, and especially if, you want to buck or disrupt said trends.

It pays for creative folks to know what’s happening so that they can keep pace with their peers. Here are some important and emergent patterns in the realms of creativity. 

Collaboration is king

You know the stereotype of the lone artist in the garret? That lone wolf approach may work for some artists (epic novelists come to mind), but many creative projects these days move forward with collaboration.

This is because a new generation of creative geniuses have been brought up with open-sourced platforms like Google Docs, Facebook, Slack, and Asana. 

The more the merrier in creative endeavors!

Divvying up tasks and outsourcing to teammates, contractors, and subcontractors is increasingly the preferred way to get things done in our fast-paced society. Large projects, after all, are just a series of small tasks that can be outsourced to freelancers.

Act human online

Advertisers and brands have stopped trying to hide behind slick campaigns and have moved instead to organic social media campaigns, user-generated content, and social media listening. 

What does this mean for creative types? Whatever your project is, the best way to convince people to buy your thing, or do your thing, or support your creative endeavor in any way is to act natural. Ironically, in a world of digital artifice, “no persona” is the trend. 

Authenticity earns you trust and consumers value trust.

Creativity will still be the realm of Humans but AI could help us create more!

Artificial Intelligence and Smarter Technology

Despite your favorite dystopian novel, there’s no need to fear the robots… yet. AI is here to help and to relieve us of mundane tasks. Most creative endeavors involve lots of repetition and room for human error. AI can edit, help recognize and tag photos, can create more efficient algorithms for data, and can help sort metadata. 

Working smarter saves time. For writers, a browser plug-in like Grammarly helps with editing and restructuring awkward sentences. Smarter tech can do the more menial tasks in a given project, freeing up the human brain to do the actual creating.

Whatever your medium is, it’s worth researching which tech tools can help you with the less-than-enjoyable parts of your work. Sorry you’ll still have performance reviews.

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