Hi, I'm an Abacus maker! Whether you've joined ABACUS as a maker or you're looking to learn something new, this is where you'd type all the interesting stuff about yourself as a maker or a hobbyist.

For instance, I'm prop maker. I'm not a professional, but I've been prototyping in plastic with lasers and 3d printers for many years, making cool stuff for cosplay, equipment for experiments in science classes and toys for kids. I have a fully equipped home workshop and a library in my brain full of experience I'd love to share virtually with you.

I also sell science kits and provide online sessions for the kits...so that's one of my listings. The cost of the session is included in the kit price ($25 kit + $15 session = $40 kit). I do sessions two times per week and make anywhere from $100-$300 each week.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Be well!

Abacus Maker

What are your skills, hobbies, and/or profession?: Carpenter hobbyist and Abacus maker.
Cool things I do : Furniture and toys!

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Amazing session!

Very communicative and supportive. Thanks!

Thanks for taking my class, I hope you enjoyed making the princess cake!

G Bakery about listing Make a beautiful princess cake 1 year ago.