Mindset Master Diandra

I am a Diandra-of-all-trades and here to lead you through various physical and mental exercises to help you de-stress and get to an amazing place to continue along this journey called Life!
Guiding in-person aerial yoga since 2015, I have over 280hrs of training in Aerial, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and am currently enrolled an additional 500hrs of Teacher Training. I love playing with sensory deprivation and stimulation to trick and tame the mind, as well as exploring how physical movement feels in the body.
During our interactions, I will make recommendations and suggestions, but you are always in control of your experience and encouraged to do what is best for you every time- even if that means suddenly jumping off a call- I. Get. It. Do whatever you need to do for you, always and without apology: Life Happens!

What are your skills, hobbies, and/or profession?: Yoga and Mindfulness, Veterinary Medicine, Horticulture, Photography
Cool things I do : Personalized Experiences!
Instagram: @succulentyoga

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Audrey and Maddy were absolutely delightful to teach! Thank you so much for gifting this experience to them!