Information about ABACUS


Abacus is a Washington startup that aspires to be the leader in creative entertainment, virtual skills acquisition, practice and edutainment by introducing curious minds to people who have the creative means.

Abacus was founded on the principle that human ingenuity is for everyone.  Whether you’re a curious individual or a team at a large company whose working-from-home employees are hungry for something different, Abacus is the place to find your next engagement.

Practicing various types of art, music and science often involves wading through endless YouTube videos and blogs or purchasing impersonal online courses produced for mass use. Abacus was created to eliminate the wasted time and effort by cutting through the searching and guiding curious folks through the learning curve. Abacus live experiences, tutorials, kits and kit assemblies always put the learners in direct interaction with a real person who facilitates the session.

Abacus is not just another e-commerce site, webcam service, or depot for impersonal, outdated, or mass-produced online courses or tutorials. Our listing structure is unique, includes access to our virtual platform and provides far greater flexibility and opportunity for connection than traditional e-commerce platforms.  Why spend time searching for low-quality instructional videos that don’t quite hit the mark when someone who actually practices what you want try is available to teach and demonstrate?

Our friends, coworkers and neighbors have incredible skills! We offer a way to connect with them, support them and share our passions as we increase our intellectual capacity as a community.