Information about ABACUS

How it works
  1. Simply browse the Abacus Marketplace and select a listing.
  2. You may contact the host before a session is purchased or you can just book the session.
  3. You may use your credit/debit card to book a session.
  4. Many listings are for regularly scheduled sessions.  Be sure to check the description for the next available group or individual session and plan accordingly.
  5. On Abacus, as with many peer-to-peer marketplaces, both the host and the participants can review each other.  Be sure to leave a review!

Abacus is a place to showcase your creative talent with the world. Becoming an Abacus Guide can help you earn extra income as you practice what comes naturally and brings you joy.

  1. Create an account
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Choose a price package
  4. Post listings of your session(s) to the marketplace

Have questions? Book a time to speak with a team member HERE