Lainey Lee

A native Bainbridge Islander, my love of photography began as a kid, snapping shots of the abundant wildlife here in the Pacific Northwest. To grow my passion, I became a self-taught portrait photographer in my own back yard, and now use natural light (and settings, when possible!) as a staple in all my shoots.

I currently live on the island with my awesome husband and my goofy, camera-shy rescue dog from Hawaii. I nurture a diverse collection of interests besides photography, such as knitting, backpacking through the Olympics, writing sci-fi comedies, podcasting about personality types, and failing at the culinary arts.

I'm also co-creator of the infamous Nightmare Train series rocking the YouTube model train world, and our channel is fast approaching its first 1,000 subscribers!

Let's get connected! Send me a message, check out my website, or follow me on Instagram to see my creative projects.

What are your skills, hobbies, and/or profession?: Photography, videography, knitting, podcasting, playing nerdy musical instruments
Cool things I do : Photo stories, riveting model train crash videos, luxurious sweaters and other garments, backing tracks on GarageBand

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