Fearless Self-Portraits! (<20 Attendees)

This listing is to accommodate small, single payer groups (ex. employee engagement events) up to 20 people.

Approaching art can be scary, especially if we are attempting a self-portrait. Fear not! In this group, we are going to be brave together and examine both how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen. Our journey is about self-reflection and personal growth.

Did you know a self-portrait can be a collage? A photo? A sculpture? A sea of beautiful colors and textures? Take everything you know about self-portraits and toss it out the window as we explore the many ways we can see and be seen!

Bring your favorite art materials, buy new ones that inspire you, or just grab whatever is lying around as we look fearlessly at ourselves and make meaningful art!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I want to join you on a journey to really see your inner and outer beauty.

Inquire about special times/days for your group!

Virtual session date(s) if applicable: Please See Calendar For Availability

Public discussion (2)

Susannah B

1 year ago

This was so fun! Three of us joined for the session. All of us were insecure about our art at the beginning and all of us were so impressed with the results. Definitely look forward to another round with Kathy as we continue to explore self discovery through art.

Frivolous Notions

1 year ago

I am so grateful for the time we had together! Really filled up my heart watching the process and exploring our perceptions in the conversation! Thank you!

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