Teeny Tiny Paper Architecture (<20 Attendees)

This listing is to accommodate large, single payer groups (ex. employee engagement events) up to 20 people.

Do you have paper, glue, pencils, pens, a straight edge or ruler and an exacto knife?

Because if you do, then I've got a cool project for you! Back in 2013 I started trying to make castles with paper and glue because I loved castle architecture and I was incredibly poor. Looking at images of castles, I could see how folded and curled paper could put castles directly in my hands and on my shelves! I was amazed what I could create on a miniature scale with copier paper, a blade, a straight edge and pencils. I added dried plants for foliage and placed the pieces under glass to keep them safe from dust and moisture. I experimented with water colors and ink.

Each tiny castle transported me to a fantasy land that eventually inspired a local gallery show in St. Louis, MO.


Now its your turn! Grab your supplies and join me in making tiny castles, tiny houses and creating little landscapes for them to nest in. You're going to love the results!

Virtual session date(s) if applicable: See Calendar For Availability

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