Mia's Handwovens - Fiber Artist Extraordinaire

I formally opened Mia's Handwovens in 2019 to share my beloved creative skill with the world in an accessible way. I wanted to teach my community to love weaving the way I do. To breathe the meditative rhythms of the loom, and to build their own relationships with the materials our world provides for us with which to create. I began with in-person workshops in Everett, Washington and the Greater Seattle Area, and am here to establish a virtual platform. I have created small looms and weaving tools for the frame-loom tapestry weaver to learn on and to use for years to come. I plan to continue creating new tools and designing new looms that will enable you to unleash your creative side even further. Please join me in this journey. I can't wait to see where it takes us.

What are your skills, hobbies, and/or profession?: Skilled weaver and spinner; novice sewist; scientist. Driven to make beautiful, useful things.
Cool things I do : Yarn, wall hangings, fabric, oncological cell therapies

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This was a wonderful class--exposure to new techniques. Mia is able to break steps down to ensure student success. Her explanations are clear. And she's fun!

Mia is amazing to learn from! Without her, I would never have be-weaved I could make such beautiful artwork. Her instructions are clear and she gives you quality materials, then you create what comes to your mind. Loving this new modality, so I sent some kits (and Mia, virtually,) to some of my students!

Fantastic first session! Mia gave a great intro to weaving including vocabulary (I'm a total newbie so that was especially helpful) and I was able to perform each weaving technique repeatedly after demonstration. The kit itself came with a nicely sized clear loom pre-threaded with warp thread, as well as a variety of yarns (I opted for blues and greens) and needles. I was very satisfied with the progress I made during the session and am looking forward to completing my first piece of wall art weaved by my own hands. Mine was a one-on-one session, but I think this would be really fun session to do with as a group too. Highly recommend!