Find Your Next Online Hobby

woman working with leather

2020 is *the* year to discover an online hobby!

In a world in which we want to connect to others, but can’t get physically close, Abacus offers a great way to “meet up” while learning a new craft! Online hobbies provide a great outlet from the daily stresses of quarantine. (Here’s how our platform works.)

Below are some good bets for finding your next passion project on Abacus!

hanging textiles
It’s getting chilly! Warm yourself and your home with handmade weaving projects.

Cozy up with Weaving 101

This class comes with a kit. Perfect! You don’t have to shop for the right materials — they come right to your door.

Basically, Weaving 101 is where you pour yourself a glass of wine, grab your weaving kit, and log in for a cozy personalized session.

Feeling introverted? This could be the online hobby for you.

Online hobby idea for groups: Mindful Arts

Draw with pencils, assemble collages, and splash paint to find your personal expression.

Even company workgroups have used this listing for their weekly team-building activities and have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Get your own group together (friends, coworkers, or your family “quaranteam”) and make art that benefits you, mind and soul.

Cute, inexpensive and a great way to get into FLOW! Miniature papercraft.

Paper Craft: Teeny Tiny Paper Architecture

Do you have paper, glue, pencils, pens, a straight edge or ruler and an exacto knife? Because if you do, then I’ve got a cool project for you!

Grab your supplies and join Kathy from Frivolous Notions in making tiny castles, tiny houses and creating little landscapes for them to nest in. You’re going to love the results!

Leather stitching is an online hobby that connects the virtual realm with a tactile, material activity.

Make something sturdy: Card Wallet Kit + Live Session

Start your leather working journey with this kit and learn to work with a variety of leathers, from full-grain plonge (2.5 oz.) to English bridle leathers (6+ oz.). Instructor Heather has experience creating beautiful pieces for both humans and animals.

You can simply hand stitch leather pieces, or incorporate your hand-stitched leatherwork into larger projects. Order a Card Wallet kit and sit in on one of these regular weekly sessions for live participation and Q&A!

Fun hobby kit + activity for history buffs: Laser-Cut Trebuchet + Live Assembly Session

Here’s another awesome hobby kit that comes with a live assembly session, of course. Most of the tedious work has already been done but you’ll get a brief history of the trebuchet and do the final assembly and testing the desktop war engine!

Abacus maker Steve hosts this session every Friday at 3pm Pacific Time.

mini trebuchet
Hobbyists are always inventing cool stuff to keep the dogs, cats and kids busy. This mini-trebuchet is no exception.

Which of these online hobbies works best for you? Explore these options and more in the Abacus Session Marketplace.