Make Your Next Project With Laser Cutters

laser cutting

Have you ever wanted to blast something with a laser? Laser cutters might be the answer. It’s a good way to shoot lasers at objects but in a totally constructive way.

The process is ideal for people who want to customize their own crafts, projects, or tools. If you want to go next-level maker, it pays to have a working knowledge of how laser cutters work.

Let’s take a look.

laser and leather
Home lasers (non-industrial) range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Generally, ease of use and low maintenance is the incentive for more costly machines.

It’s Easier Than You Think

If you’re like me, then you probably assumed that laser cutters are huge complicated white boxes that they’re run by men with white lab coats in the basements of government labs.

Nope! Lots of makers of various skill levels use laser cutters . They use them right in their homes for simple applications, like making jewelry, signs, leather luggage, board games, or holiday ornaments. And that’s the really cool thing about laser cutters: you’re really only bound by your imagination.

Laser cutting
Desktop laser cutters are becoming more common and even low power models will easily cut and engrave wood, acrylic and leather.

So try a simple model, like the Glowforge. It will set you back a few thousand dollars, but it may well pay for itself if you plan to sell your crafts.

And also, you’ll need some design skills.

First, Master Adobe Illustrator

We recommend using Adobe Illustrator to make designs. You’ll want to check out this recent blog post in which we demystify Illustrator for beginners.

If you can design something on Illustrator, then you can make it with lasers. Check out what we came up with during our recent laser make-off competition:

Take (Or Teach) A Class

If you’d like to try your hand at laser cutting, we recommend taking this class on Abacus. The instructor has his own laser so you don’t need your own and he will give you step-by-step instructions in how to design and make a custom engraved sign. Of course by the end of the session you’ll get to watch your sign being cut and he’ll send it to you!

Or, if you’re a laser expert, why not sign up to host a session in our Session Marketplace? Your knowledge could turn into money as you share your passion with the world.

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