Making Your Own Holiday Gifts

There are many reasons for making your own holiday gifts — this year, more than ever. Let’s take a look at why it pays (literally) to DIY your gifts this holiday season.

The understated beauty of handmade goods.

Making holiday gifts is a great way to show you care

Handmade gifts are unique — they aren’t just objects ordered from the internet and delivered in a truck. They show craftsmanship and the time and care that went into your project. Thoughtfulness is always in vogue!

Homemade candles in progress.

Making holiday gifts is socially responsible

People often criticize the holidays as a time of rampant commercialization. Marketers attack!

However, the gift-giving season can be toned down. By making your own gifts from materials around your home, you can prevent all that shipping (and attendant carbon emissions) as well as keep some money out of the pockets of multimillionaires.

It turns out that the average American will spend over $700 on holiday gifts this year, totaling more than $465 billion. That’s a lot of clout.

Giving handmade gifts keeps it real. It’s an act that says, “I care about you, so I made this thing.” It’s as simple as that.

Save money

With the 2020 economy being what it is, it may make sense to find something that you want to make and go that route. It could be something that you already know, or it could be an entirely new skill that you’d like to explore.

Your wallet will thank you. With a little “sweat equity” you could save literally hundreds of dollars this holiday season. That’s a good deal!

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