Mastering Leatherwork Basics

Leatherwork basics can be mastered with a little elbow grease and know-how. Leatherwork is pretty essential, even in terms of human survival: throughout history, folks have used it to make shelters, clothing, and shoes.

Evidence for hideworking and tanning exists from 400,000 years ago and leatherworking tools have been found that date back to the Stone Age in 5,000 BC.

What a cool and practical skill to have under your (full grain) belt!

Let’s demystify the craft a bit.

Know the basic tools of leatherwork

Like almost any craft, leatherwork requires specialized tools. You’ll want to stock up on some basics. Do your homework and figure out the purpose of an awl versus a maul versus a mallet. Invest in some simple tools and learn how to use them.

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With proper leatherworking chops, you can make your own practical wares. Sew cool.

Start simple with leatherwork basics

Hang on a second, Picasso.

You probably won’t be able to make a custom hand-tooled and stamped leather jacket off the bat (though that level of craftsmanship is something to aspire to, for sure).

Start by making a wallet or a keychain. These small items make great and practical gifts for the holidays. As your skills improve, then you can graduate to something a bit more complicated, like a braided guitar strap.

Start simple.

Learn leatherwork basics from an instructor

Right now? In the midst of a global pandemic?

That’s right. You can do it — virtually. Right now Abacus is offering a class in making your own leather executive wallet. The price of the class includes a kit that will be shipped to you so that you’ll have everything you need to get going virtually with your instructor.

Teach your own class

Perhaps you’ve mastered the art of making awesome leather watch bands. Why not teach others how to do it? Visit our Session Marketplace and create a class where you can share your skills.

Leather is a versatile material. What can you make with a little imagination and know-how?