On Mindfulness and Art

Mindfulness is an integral part of any artistic pursuit. In fact, it’s most of the appeal of art: by connecting to the world, you can present in the moment and fully engage your senses.

Mindfulness is about enjoying the process of translating your vision from your mind to the page or palette.

Here are some tips for taking a mindful approach to art.

Hop into that childlike curiosity! See where your intuition takes you.

Approach the page with curiosity

Don’t focus on the final product of your creation — that can feel overwhelming! As a wise person once said, “The weight of an idea can sometimes be enough to kill it.”

Instead, keep a healthy curiosity at the front of your mind. Experiment with colors, shapes, symbols. Follow whatever gives you aesthetic pleasure and moves your spirit.

Accept your final product with mindfulness

You’re no Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, or Picasso. That’s because the masters were one of a kind — just like you!

Nobody can make what you make. Your individual choices add up to your own unique “look.” Celebrate your own style and accept your vision!

Mindfulness can mean being present in reality… and in virtual reality.

Focus on the process

What are you feeling when you paint? Where does your mind go? What music inspires you and gets the creative juices flowing?

Even if your work doesn’t end up in the Louvre, the process of learning a new skill has many benefits, including neuroplasticity and more myelin in the brain. Sometimes the process is the destination!

Mindfulness involves childlike curiosity

The greatest artists have pushed the limits of their media by trying new things and following their instincts. Have you ever seen kids making art? They just go for whatever comes to mind, pursuing their impulses.

Kids don’t second-guess themselves — they just create and enjoy creating.

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