The Many Benefits of Learning a New Skill

It’s the 21st Century we’re all connected all day every day. It’s easier than ever to learn a new skill from other people: information is now more democratic and readily available through the internet and public libraries. 

And, arguably, the best way to learn a new skill is with customized one-on-one instruction on Abacus. 

Here are some reasons why you can benefit from browsing the Abacus marketplace for your next skill.

Learning a new skill opens doors

What would you like your career to be? What would you like to do with your recreational time?

Do your goals require a degree? A certificate? Or would a simple class or hour-long work session give you the “tools” you need to get where you’re going? 

New skills open doors. Add what you can do to your resume or LinkedIn account. It could be the path to your next gig.

(It’s also never wrong to follow your curiosity by exploring new activities for the sake of enjoying them inherently. Creativity sparks pleasure, and that’s worth pursuing for its own sake.)

The Abacus marketplace is a great place to pick up your next passion project.

Learning a new skill helps you make friends in the workplace or the community

Know who the most popular person in the office is? The one who troubleshoot the Adobe Suite or work that one spreadsheet formula.

If you can do a mail merge, or format a newsletter, roof a house, or hang a cabinet, you will have lots of social currency and more connections. Just be sure to protect your boundaries. Once the word gets out that you’re the gutter-fixing wizard… protect your weekends!

Mastering something new gives your brain a boost

Learning a new skill helps to create dense myelin in your brain. Myelin helps with problem-solving. Conversely, dementia is linked to the demyelination of the brain. New skills work with old skills for cross-discipline thinking and problem-solving… and they can helps stave off dementia in senior citizens.

Learning a new skill keeps you adaptable

This is specially important in 2020. Autodidacts will rule the world! As we have seen in the past decade, the job market changes quickly and you need to be able to adapt to the changing landscape — especially in the realms of the internet and social media.

Add a new skill to your wheelhouse. Join Abacus today.

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